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Ladyboy Areeya Toys Shemale Cunt Before Shooting Cum

April 10, 2010

Naughty Naughty do you like my new white nightie asks Ladyboy Areeya? she tells me that she has been dreaming about you all night and she just happened to wake up with a very hard throbbing she cock. She says that the things you do to me in her dreams gets her so excited. she [...]

Kinky Ladyboy Lilly wants to be used like a sex-slave

February 21, 2010

They reckon that all that kinky Ladyboy Lilly wishes for in life is that Double O will enjoy her beautiful she cock. Now that the special day has arrived it’s obvious that the drooling demon with the sackfull of seamen is ready to blast slutty Lilly’s loaded balls off. Lilly is dressed in the kinkiest [...]

Ladyboy Jene gives a Sexy display before Shooting her Cum

February 17, 2010

The lucky guys that shot this scene tell me that Ladyboy Jene arrived at the image shoot dressed to impress exhibiting a pair of long and sexy legs that seemed to go on forever. It is easy to see from the free videos that Jene worked the session like a true professional, pouting and posing [...]

Ladyboy Maiy wanking off for a nice HOT Cum Shot

January 29, 2010

They tell me that Ladyboy Maiy is one of Pattaya’s most popular tourist attractions? Would you believe it?
They reckon that all connoisseurs of big shemale cocks will be going to line up for a date with Maiy. Particularly after she reveals what she’s packing in her panties. This cute ladyboy debuts on Shemale.asia with her [...]

Ladyboy Aum Fucks her Tight Ass with a long Black Dildo while Sucking Cock

March 21, 2009

In this scene Thai Ladyboy Aum is a college girl who has to earn enough money, not just to pay for her Diploma, but to cover the costs of those few “little things” that a special girl needs as well. So she reckons that it’s a little extra work after class with a special teacher [...]

Ladyboy Tahh Strokes Her Lovely Big Cock Until She Shoots Cum

February 22, 2009

Dont you you just hang out for a nice creamy ladyboy cum shot. Well, out old friends from LB69 have come to answer the pleads of all the ladyboy connoisseurs yet again! Former Temptations temptress Tahh always turns heads with her huge she cock and studious reading glasses. But let me tell you that she [...]

Ladyboy Cartun fingers her Tight Shemale Cunt

September 17, 2008

Check out this latest offering from LB-69 I am sure you are all familiar with “hard-core” porn, but in their latest offering is a new genre that LB-69 have entitled, “Soft-toy porn”.

Obsessions Bar doll Cartun is as cute as a button, and plays up perfectly for the camera in this scene. In this free video [...]

Ladyboy Mint gives a lucky guy her special Deep Throat

August 26, 2008

My good friends from L mint were telling me that Ladybot Mint was lying around in her lingerie, feeling a little horny when a friend of hers came over to see what she was up to that evening. Instead of covering up Mint decided to let him in and let him see her laying there [...]

Gorgeous Thai Ladyboy Wise has a nasty plan on the bike path

August 5, 2008

In this scene from Extreme Ladyboys stunning Ladyboy Wise has agreed to a friendly morning cycling with her horny neighbor, but you can only guess what’s on the mind of this kinky transsexual. Just look at her sexy top with a killer cleavage! What if she can’t wait wrapping her sexy lips around the lucky [...]

Ladyboy Areeya sticks a Tool up her Tight Shemale Ass

July 30, 2008

In a HOT new scene brought to us from Areeyas World we have the gorgeous Ladyboy Areeya decked out in her ‘trades women’ outfit. “Are you looking for someone to help you around the house?” Areeya asks. “Well I am very hard working and always stick around until the job is done” she answers.

Well if [...]

Ladyboy Lilly abused like a Transsexual Sex-Slave Whore

July 21, 2008

In this scene from Extreme Ladyboys all that Ladyboy Lilly wishes for in life is that Double O will enjoy her hard shemale cock!

Now that the special day has arrived it’s obvious that the drooling demon with the sackfull of HOT cum is ready to blast slutty Lilly’s tight shemale cunt off. Uncontainable Lilly lust [...]

Thai Ladyboy Prem strokes her cock for pleasure until she shoots cum

July 9, 2008

Check out these HOT free videos from Ladyboy 69 The Cascade cock-fest continues with the long and lean Ladyboy Prem, yet another beauty with a generous she cock in her panties.

Prem flops out her throbbing dick and commences an enthralling “tug of war”, beating her own meat in a stiff competition to an amazing cum [...]

Win a trip to Thailand to Visit Ladyboys in May

May 9, 2007

Check out this cute ladyboy May with the thickest meatiest cock around. What would it take to get together with this beautiful girl and suckle on her glorious cock? Not much! - All you need to do is get your sorry ass to LOS, find your way to Obsessions Bar at Nana Plaza, park yourself [...]

Ladyboy Liccy fucks with the candyman

April 15, 2007

This week is video week for me and here is another hot piece of work brought to us by our friends at LB-69. In this scene we have the lucky Candyman with the beautiful sultry sex kitten ladyboy Liccy.
Liccy looking as beautiful as ever in her short black dress, black knee high stockings, suspender belt [...]

Sexy ladyboy Lisa cum shot in white panties

April 11, 2007

Horny ladyboy Lisa features in this great cum shot video titled ‘Fountains of Cum from LB-69.
Lisa, a cute sparkling kitten of the ladyboy scene, is really fond of her terrific body - especially that sweet long cock that she has got between her heavenly thighs and that tight dark ladyboy cunt that Lisa cannot resist [...]

Where would you like to cum on a ladyboy’s body?

February 27, 2007

Great question. and one asked by Gigi on the LB-69forum page. Her full post is below. It is worth checking out. Gigi’s English is fantastic for a Thai but I have done a small bit of editing to help it along.

“I have had my lovers cum in and on all parts of [...]

Cute femboy Film with the sweet little tits and she cock

February 23, 2007

Thai femboy Film is one of the cutest ladyboys you will find walking the streets around the Sukhumvit Road. Get her back to your hotel and you will understand where Film gets her reputation from. She has the sweetest little tits with pert hard nipples that poke through her t-shirt. She just loves to [...]

Sassy Nadear - red lingerie cum shot video

February 20, 2007

Check out this hot cum shot video from LB-69 featuring the Thai ladyboy babe Nadear. Nadear appears all in red. Red teddy, red panties, red stockings, red stilettos and the most gorgeous plump red lips. How about warping them around your cock with Nadear calling ‘ please cum in my mouth‘. But back to [...]

Fresh, Hot Thai ladyboy Nata

February 13, 2007

Wow - have a look at who I have just been jerking off with at LB-69. The absolutely beautiful Thai ladyboy Nata. Fresh to Bangkok Nata was blessed to be borne with a gorgeous feminine body and the sweetest face. When she has her clothes on it is impossible to believe that she is a [...]

Hot Rabbit cums with her gold dildo

February 12, 2007

Here is a fantastic video of the absolutely beautiful Thai ladyboy Rabbit fucking her tight hot ass with a smooth gold dildo. She puts the dildo into her mouth and sucks on it to make it all nice and wet before she puts it in her tight shemale cunt and gives herself a good hard [...]

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